How Teamwork Affects Sales & Success

Business team putting their hands together over a desk covered in reporting papers

Salespeople have a tendency to present themselves as very poor team members.

The impression they have historically presented to the rest of their organization is that they are the stars of the team and their team needs to recognize and accept that. As a result, when they drop sales related work on other people’s desks, salespeople historically expect or demand that they simply do it.

That behaviour today is neither productive nor effective.

Real estate agent confidently smiling and shaking hands with a client

Customers need to come first

In the reality of today’s business world, no one is more important to an organization than the customer. To that end, the effectiveness of sales professionals to coordinate their teams in a co-operative and collaborate manner is the critical to engaging customers and maximizing the relationship and experience for them.

Building a comprehensive customer-based team from the resources within the organization is a powerful tool for sales professionals. This requires that they recognize their accountability for enrolling and engaging their team in the process.

How can you engage your sales team?

Merely dropping in and demanding their participation will not work. You have to ask for your team’s participation in the planning and follow-through process.

It takes a bit of work, but the results are worth it:

  • building a stronger team
  • getting better results
  • eliminating surprises
  • facilitating a great customer experience
Overhead view of a team of people working together at a desk covered in reports, computers and mobile phones

Team-building in the tech age

Team-building for sales people has never been more important. Customers no longer rely on sales people for information, early in their buying cycle.

Instead, they complete their research online.

Engaging with customers before their is any dialogue requires a new set of skills and resources. Sales, marketing, and technical staff must work closer together than ever before.

Teamwork depends on several independent people with different expertise, learning to complement each other in challenging situations.