Modern Homes in Older Neighbourhoods

A modern-style home in between two traditional Toronto houses

We’ve all driven down beautiful tree-lined streets in older parts of Toronto such as Leaside, Forest Hill, East York or the Beaches. Each has its own distinct feel and flavour.

The houses, many built in the mid 1900s, help to define the style, character and personality of their respective neighbourhoods.

More recently, modern homes adorned with their square outline, grey brick, large windows and wood accents have become popular throughout Toronto.

But do they belong?

Some people love what modern homes offer. Namely, a fresh injection of youthfulness and rejuvenation against the perceived stagnation of older neighbourhoods.

Others loathe their very existence and demand that new homes conform to the traditions of the existing neighbourhood.

Whatever your opinion, modern homes are here to stay and as long as they comply with building codes, homeowners and builders are free to express themselves as they see fit.

From my angle, the builders I deal with are happy to build modern houses because they sell quickly and for top dollar. If there wasn’t a demand for them, we wouldn’t see them being built.

If your clients are considering building a traditional or modern home (or something in between) we specialize in construction financing.